Who We Are
We are the Buddhist Peace Group, an ad hoc group of local American Buddhists who advocate the peaceful resolution of conflict. In our way of thinking, and in our way of life, we do not condone any act of killing. Nor do we condone the actions of those who profit from suffering.
People of good will can differ on the necessity of the war in Iraq. We all can, however, agree on this: War generates great fear. The soldiers on both sides feel it. So do their families at home.

Our loved ones may be serving in the armed forces or they may be civilians. Our fear and anxiety for their safety can, without our realizing it, turn into hatred for those who do not share our political views, nationality or religion.

Hatred is of no help to anyone. It cannot make any situation better. It cannot make our loved ones safer.

All who are touched by war, directly or indirectly, know suffering. All are victims of the war experience.

All who suffer deserve compassion. Compassion extended to all the victims of war can, we believe, reduce hatred.

It is the reducing of hatred which, in the long run, makes the world safer for us and for those we love.

We invite you to join us as we seek, through compassionate action, to alleviate suffering and, even in the midst of this terrible time, to begin the process of healing and reconciliation.