April 2, 2003

Buddhist Peace Group
Returns to Union

The Buddhist Peace Group has been invited to return to Union College to participate in a 'Day of Discussion' about the war that will take place there this Wednesday, April 2nd, from 7-9 p.m. in Old Chapel. We will sit in 'Visualize the Children of Iraq' meditation through the one hour play that will take place at 7:30.

Join us. Old Chapel is the building to the left of the big domed building if you are looking west towards the sunset. (Old Chapel is not to be confused with the big "Memorial Chapel.") To get there, drive west down Route 7 onto Union Street. Follow Union Street into Schenectady. Turn right into Union campus at the gate directly across from the huge, red sandstone Catholic cathedral; park wherever you can. Old Chapel will be directly in line with the red sandstone cathedral and the big domed building at the center of campus; it's on the little turn around circle.